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The Klinge Brothers

Brad and Barry Klinge (aka the Klinge Brothers) are globally recognized paranormal investigators for the past ten years thanks to their television show Ghost Lab which premiered on the Discovery Channel in October 2009 running for two seasons, 26 full hour episodes, and currently in syndication in over 50 countries worldwide.  They are also authors of the book “Chasing Ghosts Texas Style”, owners and executive producers of 9 Diamond Productions in which they have produced several paranormal documentaries, and lecturers on the paranormal at conventions and symposiums around the world.  But the one thing the Klinge Brothers want to be known as first and foremost are being down-home Texas boys from San Antonio.  Their no-holds-barred style of investigation, critical thinking, “outside of the box” methods, and big as Texas personalities have made the brothers a permanent name in the halls of paranormal history and a favorite among many paranormal enthusiasts.  The Klinge Brothers are currently working on several television projects in both on and off camera capacities. 

Mike Couch

Mike is an above knee amputee that started the Lost Limbs Foundation after his own struggles of losing his leg. The charity is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that provides assistance to amputee children that are in need of prosthetics and medical assistance. Mike has pushed his own limits by attempting to climb Mount Washington to show we are capable of more than we believe. Mike is also a published author telling his story about his amputation. He also hosts events and investigations at Roads Hotel to raise money for the charity, which also owns Roads Hotel, thanks to the help of a big supporter of the charity.


David Glidden

For more than a decade David has been researching in the paranormal field with his team Four State Paranormal. His passion had crossed with his interest of filming when he started the web series “Haunting History”, which is currently in its 5th season. In 2017 he branched out into the world of film by creating his first documentary film “Into the Light: An Exploration of the Spook Light Phenomena” and was recently followed up by the sequel. David is also a podcast host of the “Paranormal Frequencies” podcast. His films and show can be found on VIDI Space, Amazon Prime, and other digital outlets.

Jason Haxton

Our headline speaker for the event is Jason Haxton, MA, DO (h.c.), the former owner of the most famous Dibbuk Box in paranormal history. He is also the author of the book, The Dibbuk Box, which was adapted as the feature film, “The Possession,” starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Kyra Sedgwick.

He has been the director of the Museum of Osteopathic Medicine since January 2001 and makes multiple international trips each year (Belgium, Russia, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Brazil and the UK) to provide lectures, historic research materials and promote the principles of early medicine. He has studied American antiques and ancient artifacts for the past 33 years, collected and researched Mayan pottery for his thesis in the humanities, and has lectured on art history, the paranormal and ancient art for 11 years at a mid-size liberal arts university. He currently is working on his Doctorate in Education.

Prior to his Museum work, he was a university administrator for over 10 years. He has recently worked on several projects with the Smithsonian Institute, served as a researcher/benefactor with the state capitol of Missouri, and a lecturer with his state’s arts council. He is a member of several local historical groups. He facilitates exhibits that have served almost 3-million visitors across the USA. A few years ago year he was the keynote speaker for the Edgar Cayce Conference in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. He actually cares for a collection of Cayce Reading records at his museum.

Margie Kay

Margie Kay is the CEO and President of a chimney contracting company in Kansas City, Missouri. Kay is heavily involved in the chimney industry and has served on national and regional boards for several associations. She is the past President and Educational Director of the Midwest Chimney Safety Council. Margie is an instructor for several organizations and writes books for chimney professionals.

Kay’s hobby, which is more of a second full-time job, is UFO and Paranormal research. She is the director of Quest Paranormal Investigation Group in Kansas City, which does paranormal research, ghost hunting, psychic searches for missing persons, UFO Investigations, and hosts conferences, workshops, and meetings. Kay has worked on dozens of missing person, homicide, and unsolved crime cases all over the country for law enforcement agencies and private investigators and has been instrumental in solving many cases. She is well-known as a psychic investigator and remote viewer with the unique ability to scan the human body to find health issues, and to remotely view any location instantly. Margie is clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, and sees inside the human body, much like an MRI or CAT scan.

Margie is a MUFON Star Team Field Investigator and serves as Assistant State Director for Missouri MUFON and is the webmaster and social media manager for that organization. Margie has written 12 books including Haunted Independence, Missouri, Gateway to the Dead: A Ghost Hunter’s Field Guide, The Kansas City UFO Flaps, and Mysterious Missouri. She is currently writing three more books and working on a documentary film about strange events in the four-state area.

Kay has appeared on numerous radio programs worldwide and has presented at over 200 conferences and meetings. She appeared in the pilot TV Show “Strange,” and on national and regional news programs.

Jason Offutt

Finding American Monsters

Jason Offutt grew up on a farm near the town of Orrick, Missouri. In his life, he’s been a farm hand, journalist, photographer, bartender and the mayor of a small town.

Jason’s books include the paranormal titles, “Chasing American Monsters,” “Haunted Missouri,” “What Lurks Beyond,” “Darkness Walks: The Shadow People among us” and “Paranormal Missouri,” the novels, “Bad Day for the Apocalypse,” “Bad Day for a Road Trip,” and “A Funeral Story,” the collection of short horror “Road Closed,” the parody survival guide, “How to Kill Monsters Using Common Household Objects,” and the humorous travelogue, “Through a Corn-Swept Land: An epic beer run through the Upper Midwest.”

Jason also writes a weekly syndicated humor column. He lives with his family in Northwest Missouri where he teaches college journalism and keeps humanity safe from the inevitable invading Martian space army.

You can find Jason at his website, www.jasonoffutt.com, Facebook at AuthorJasonOffutt, Twitter @TheJasonOffutt and Instagram at TheJasonOffutt.

Deb and Tony Pickman

Tony and Debra Pickman are forerunners in bringing paranormal to the general public and masses. It started when they went public with their experiences in the early 90’s on a television show called Sightings. In a house deemed and known worldwide as “The Sallie House, Tony suffered some of the most horrible attacks
ever documented.

The family’s experiences included a variety of sounds, voices and physical manifestations, apportations, the moving of heavy furniture, fires, dream infestation and so much more. Most notably were the scratches that showed up on Tony’s body. Their story has been featured on many popular TV series such as Sightings, Unexplained Mysteries, My Ghost Story, A Haunting, Paranormal Witness, Ghost Adventures and more.

Now, 25 years later, the couple has investigated a multitude of locations, helped hundreds of people in private cases and have consulted on dozens of others. They’ve spoken on radio shows across the globe and at paranormal conferences nationally. Debra’s book, Sallie House Haunting, A True Story, is a chronological detail of the family’s experiences while living in the house.

One time victims, they are now investigators themselves as well as ambassadors to the living and the dead. Over the years Tony and Debra, through websites, radio shows, Facebook, fundraising events and their public appearances, have made themselves available to those who may need help with the paranormal. “No one should ever feel they have nowhere to turn.”

Their website, www.TheSallieHouse.com is solely dedicated to the 508 North 2nd street address location. The site documents paranormal experiences of the Pickman family, investigators and visitors. It offers historical references, maps, links, photos and news articles regarding the property, owners and residents.

Today the couple continue their work as consultants in the field and as members of Paranormal Task Force, a large investigation team out of the St. Louis area that focuses on commercial and residential cases, as well as educating the public through highly interactive fundraising investigations, where funds raised help preserve historical locations.

K. D. Stafford

KD Stafford is an inventor, equipment developer, paranormal investigator, and co-founder of Supernatural Ink Paranormal Research along with his wife Katy Stafford. Supernatural Ink specializes in building experimental devices for use in the paranormal field as well as conducting their own paranormal research. KD is known for developing the Necrokom ghost box system, as well as the Ghost Helmet. KD is most recently known for his recurring role in Travel Channel’s new series Ghosts of Morgan City. On GOMC, KD designs and builds custom, groundbreaking equipment for the team to use in their efforts to assist Morgan City with its paranormal problems. KD is a US Army veteran with nearly eight years in service as a combat equipment technician and non-commissioned officer. While in the service he saw two 12 month tours of duty in Iraq, as well as Afghanistan and is now an ardent supporter of fellow veterans, and veteran assistance organizations.

Robbin Terry

Robbin Terry is President of Midwest Classic Insurance Agency, Inc but in his spare time he is the owner/operator of Ashmore Estates in Ashmore, IL, R Theater in Auburn, IL, and owner of the Original Mystery Machine from Hanna-Barbera Studios.

He also helped the Lost Limbs Foundation with the purchase of Roads Hotel in Atlanta, IN and assists Cheney Mansion in Jerseyville, IL with their social media and website.

He has worked for years to help raise money for Lost Limbs Foundation through his ownership in Ashmore Estates and Mystery Machine as well as through efforts when he was former President and Director of Auburn Ambulance.

He continues in his EMS interests by being a member of the Auburn Fire & Rescue as a volunteer. He is a paranormal investigator and puts a lot of time and interest into this especially with equipment. He is a large proponent in daytime investigation as well as controlled investigations for children.

He enjoys collecting things that some would think are dark in nature such as original Frank’s boxes, Ouija boards, items from horror movies, information on serial killers as well as dolls. He has appeared in Indie films Nightblade, Truth or Dare V, Legend of Demoniac and coming out next year Devil Music and The Attached.

He has also appeared on Ghost Adventures Aftershocks talking about Ashmore Estates. A former hockey coach for 30 years and a player for over 40 years, including a few semi pro games, not much scares him on or off the ice. He loves playing with cars and has a small collection.

Needless to say, Robbin is not your typical insurance agent seen on most golf courses on sunny days. He enjoys talking about daytime paranormal investigations, Ashmore Estates, the encounter of John Wayne Gacy at the R Theater, and naturally Lost Limbs Foundation.

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