The following are event locations associated with The Big Paranormal Round Up Conference. Please see the  Schedule for price, times, and other important information. 


The Hall of Waters

You will get to be a Ghost Seeker and Paranormal Investigator for the night as you adventure though the amazing historic and haunted Hall of Waters. This marvelous 5 level building was built in 1936 and features exterior and interior art deco design with motifs of Mayan Indian tradition relating to water and Water Gods. You will be in awe with the beauty of this masterpiece design for this massive building! Not only did a mineral spring run beneath this building, it also piped in the mineral waters from 9 other springs as well and bottled them for public sale. This building also severed as a spa and used the mineral waters for holistic treatment for peoples aliments and health. It featured a competition size swimming pool that was filled with salt water, a therapy pool (polio pool) used for people along with a men’s and woman’s spa area for treatment as well. Each spa area would treat up to 300 people at any given time! At its height, the Hall of Waters was the most complete outfitted health resort in Missouri and possibly the entire region. The Hall of Springs was the longest mineral water bar in the world!

It is unknown how many deaths occurred within its walls, but with the sick and ailing coming for their holistic treatments in the past can only make you wonder! People today may have encounters with those that passed on within its walls as they experience hearing footsteps from the unseen, voices from the other side, touches from beyond the veil and at times even experience seeing “The Lady in Red” or other apparitions including unexplained shadow figures.

With it’s artistic charm, mystic atmosphere, holistic past and an experience with those who still roam around from the past possibly still seeking treatments makes this one place that you want to add to your bucket list of things to do before you pass on. When you indulge yourself within these walls once, you will find yourself with an addiction to return multiple times to experience more.

Paranormal Task Force has been featured in various documentaries and productions which have aired on SyFy, Chiller, Destination America, Travel Chanel and more. Such shows and productions include “Children of the Grave”, “The Haunted Boy (The Exorcist File)”, “Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files” segment “Truck Stop Terror”, “Ghost Adventures” special 100th episode, and more.

Attendees will be divided into three groups and rotated to investigate different areas of the Hall of Waters. Everyone will have the opportunity to investigate with investigators of Paranormal Task Force (with special celebrity guests associated with the Big Paranormal Round Up Conference), to use equipment, and receive paranormal field training as desired.

The Ray County Museum

Be a Ghost Hunter for a night while also aiding in the preservation of history. Come investigate the historic and haunted Ray County Museum in Richmond, MO with Paranormal Task Force.
PTF investigators have been featured in paranormal shows such as Spooked Television’s (Booth Brothers) “Children of the Grave”; (aired on SyFy) and “Exorcist Files:The Haunted Boy” (aired on Destination America”; “Haunt U”; which aired on Comcast’s Direct TV (Paranormal TV); Ghost Adventures; Fact or Faked Paranormal Files and more.
The Ray County Museum was build in 1904 and served as the Poor House, then served as a Nursing Home before becoming the current museum in the 1970’s. There are numerous documented deaths at this location through its history and also many artifacts which could add to the paranormal activity as well! Our previous two investigations of this location have resulted in many unexplainable experiences including captured EVP’s and even a visual anomaly on a thermal imager.
Everyone will have the opportunity to investigate with investigators of Paranormal Task Force (and select celebrities from the Big Paranormal Round Up Conference) to use hand held investigative equipment and receive paranormal field training as desired. You are also encouraged to bring your own investigative equipment if you have such and remember not to forget a working flashlight! If you don’t have equipment, then do not worry as you will be able to use some of ours!
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